Servicing imaging equipment is a critical part of a healthcare facility’s clinical technology lifecycle management program. Often this equipment is maintained by OEMs, but at an excessive cost. Some healthcare organizations have tried to reduce this expenditure by using a mix of OEMs and third party vendors. However, this approach makes clear, concise accounting of costs and responsibilities difficult. Additionally, the coverage can be inconsistent and fragmented, making it impossible to solve difficult problems that seem to come from one device but actually originate from a different source.

ISS Solutions consolidates all client imaging equipment service needs into one comprehensive, cost-effective program, regardless of type of equipment or manufacturer. By using the knowledge and skills of ISS Solutions imaging equipment technicians, supported by the optimal mix of outside service providers, clients have one vendor who is accountable for all their imaging equipment needs.

Imaging equipment is also a revenue generator in addition to being an important diagnostic tool. It must be repaired quickly with minimal downtime, or revenue is sacrificed. The equipment must be operated and maintained in strict compliance with all prevailing codes, standards, and regulatory requirements. Thus, the expertise, availability, and responsiveness of the service provider are critical.

ISS Solutions doesn’t just fix equipment problems; we assist clients with optimizing their imaging equipment. ISS Solutions has over forty years of experience managing the acquisition, use, maintenance, and compliance of imaging equipment. ISS Solutions’ specific services include:

  • Preventive maintenance and calibration
  • Equipment repair at all hours of the day, seven days a week
  • Review of Imaing QA program
  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Parts and glassware acquisition
  • Dedicated, on-site staff

Program Origins

ISS Solutions has developed, maintained, and reviewed its program in conjunction with the Department of Radiation Physics of Geisinger, our corporate parent. The program uses automated, computer-based test equipment driven by proprietary software. Testing is non-invasive, which minimizes downtime, and it provides electronic output that allows for trending of operating parameters from current and prior tests. The data is analyzed, and a final report detailing the findings and identifying required corrective action is prepared and discussed with ISS Solutions clients.

Client Assistance

Following a recent FDA survey of the mammography equipment at one of our client sites, the Radiology Manager commented, “ISS Solutions knew exactly what the inspectors were looking for and made sure that all of our records were up-to-date. If it were not for ISS Solutions, the inspection would not have gone as smoothly as it did.”

During this same FDA survey one of the inspectors commented on how impressed he was that ISS always had someone at the client site during his inspections: “It shows that ISS Solutions is concerned about their clients and their equipment.”