When ultrasound equipment is inoperable, the staff must either perform the same work with less equipment or cancel studies. When your diagnostic ultrasound equipment is maintained by various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), healthcare providers can experience high costs, variable levels of service quality, and inconsistent response times.

ISS Solutions provides comprehensive, full-service contracts to healthcare organization with diagnostic ultrasound equipment. ISS Solutions provides the highest quality inspection and maintenance support through its certified biomedical technicians. Additionally, ISS Solutions can manage service contracts for all diagnostic equipment serviced by OEMs.

To identify client needs, ISS Solutions reviews existing equipment, analyzes current service contracts (including time and materials), and conducts interviews with staff. ISS Solutions will become either directly responsible for the servicing of equipment or will assume responsibility and financial risk as backup support for an OEM or third-party specialty group.

ISS Solutions assures clients of quicker, on-site response. All maintenance activities are managed by ISS Solutions with consistent performance and reporting. In addition, all costs associated with back-up support are borne by ISS Solutions.


  • Alternate parts sourcing
  • Transducer sourcing and repair
  • On-site personnel
  • Fixed cost
  • Backup support for OEMs