Thomas Health System Meets Increased Clinical Engineering Needs through ISS Solutions


It can be difficult to decide how to handle increased and new clinical engineering needs after a healthcare organization grows and changes.

In 2007, Thomas Memorial Hospital and St. Francis Hospital, both care providers in South Charleston, West Virginia, joined forces to create Thomas Health System, greatly increasing the scope of their clinical engineering service needs.

Despite the fact that ISS Solutions was already providing clinical engineering services to one of the hospitals prior to the merger, the Thomas team nonetheless had to re-evaluate the clinical engineering needs of their newly-formed health system. Thomas Health System Chief Operations Officer Dan Lauffer said, “Initially, when the merger came together, we had two separate clinical engineering vendors, and we weren’t comfortable with making a decision. However, our working relationship with ISS Solutions and their technicians, and the work that they did at Thomas Memorial Hospital, made the St. Francis Hospital staff also feel very comfortable.”

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