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ISS Solutions provides technical staffing and augmentation solutions for projects and ongoing project needs. As an organization, ISS Solutions is instrumental in helping our clients optimize their return on investment in software and computer technologies by delivering qualified information technology talent.

Qualified IT Professionals

We employ some of the most highly skilled and professional personnel in the computer industry. Our employees and contractors are experienced in following industry best practices, such as ITIL, and stay current on new and innovative technologies. We also make strategic investments in employee training and certifications on emerging and innovative technologies.

ISS Solutions works closely with clients to match technical work requirements with the best resources available. We offer IT resources for part-time, full-time, and 1099 sub-contracting work. Some examples include: Help Desk Analysts, LAN/WAN Consultants, Workstation Support Analysts, Programmer, System & Design Analysts, System Administrators, Project Managers, and Specialized Consultants.

Augmentation Benefits

Rather than incurring the traditional overhead of hiring full-time employees, many of our large and small customers turn to ISS Solutions for their staff augmentation needs. Benefits of our staffing services include:

  • Introducing specialized skills and product expertise without adding permanent headcount
  • Providing technical resources for short-term yet critical projects
  • Offering skills and capabilities to meet immediate production and project demands
  • Enabling management to retain focus on strategic initiatives rather than tactical staffing issues
  • Providing cost advantages by eliminating recruiting, payroll, and employee benefit expenses
  • Developing contract employees for direct hire positions
  • Providing a vehicle to retain experienced retirees, former employees, and college students