As an Inside Sales Supervisor for ISS Solutions’ IT Products line of business, Peggy M. rejects the misconception that all work in an office must take place at a desk. Peggy’s work varies daily and can have her moving all around the office. On any given day, she collaborates with salespeople, handles product returns, and keeps an eye on the status of products that are due to be shipped. When things are extremely busy, she might even run back to the warehouse to prep a part for shipment

“No two days are the same,” explained Peggy. “You come in and you think you have a plan, but the plan deviates all the time. So you have to be flexible and roll with the punches.”

Peggy M

“Peggy has an ability to change gears quickly,” said Tom H., Director of Business Development. “She is willing to jump into a project that is not one of her normal duties and always goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly for our clients.”

One part of Peggy’s responsibilities is customer service. After a sales representative comes to an agreement with a client, it is Peggy’s job to make their request happen. She also handles any issues that might crop up during the processing and shipping of an order. For example, if a client suddenly decides to return an order, but forgets to notify the sales team, Peggy must sort out why there is a mysterious delivery in the warehouse and track down where it came from. All of the stress is worth it in the end.

“I love it when the client comes back and says: ‘Oh, thank you so much!’” said Peggy. “It’s the client that keeps us going.”

Peggy has been with ISS Solutions since 2005, having first joined the company as a part of Inside Sales. She has an associate degree in paralegal studies from Peirce College and a bachelor’s degree in management from Philadelphia University. When not at work, Peggy spends time with her family, travels to her daughter’s cheer competitions, and gets her nails done in creative and bold patterns.