Our veteran employees and those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves utilize their unique experiences and conditioning daily as they work at ISS Solutions. They possess the discipline, determination, and patience to work their way through any problems they face, and to complete the tasks they are given. At ISS Solutions, 13% of IT and 19% of clinical engineering technical staff members have military backgrounds. They have served or are currently serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, the Army National Guard, and the Reserves. The average length of service is 12 years.

“ISS Solutions has been very supportive of my military career over the years,” said Charlie S., discussing his service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. “This includes my leaving for boot camp, multiple deployments, and a two-week annual training period.”

awardOur employees have served in many locations across six continents. Australia, Iraq, South Korea, Somalia, Italy and Germany are just a small sampling of the long list of countries in which they have been stationed. While serving, ISS Solutions’ employees performed a variety of roles, from biomedical and imaging equipment technicians and electronics technicians to hospital corpsmen, helicopter mechanics, and gunners.

When asked how their roles in the military might have prepared them for their current careers, team members explained that they apply the knowledge and skills they learned in the military to their jobs with ISS Solutions today. For instance, Vicente V., who served in the Army, said, “In 2008, during Joint Forces Exercises in California, I had the chance to work in the Battalion Helpdesk. This gave me an overview of what to expect when accepting my current job.”

Additionally, most of the participants asserted that their time in the military gave them a strong work ethic and the communication skills necessary for working with fellow employees to efficiently complete tasks. “The military has trained me to recognize that everyone has a role to play in the smooth operation of our company, “said Glenn H., who has served in the Navy. “The military also enabled me to succeed by effective training and development of teamwork skills.”

Overall, our employees with a military background truly are real life examples of what it is like to live our company values: Collaborate, Integrate and Serve. “My military experience greatly increased my ability to handle high-stress situations, as well as prioritize and multitask to accomplish all tasks within a reasonable amount of time.” said Wayne G., who served in the Navy. “It also instilled in me a great sense of loyalty and dedication which carries over to every job I do and every interaction I have. I always ensure that anything I do reflects well upon myself and my company.” ISS Solutions is proud and thankful that many of our employees chose to serve in the military and continue to serve in the National Guard or the Reserves.