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  • Veterans, Have You Considered a Career in Clinical Engineering?

  • Tim Langan, Director of Business Development

  • Tom DeNoville, Senior Director of Clinical Engineering

  • Working in Clinical Engineering

  • Geri Soriero, Help Desk Supervisor

  • Ron Brooks, IT Manager

  • John Kirias, Senior Imaging Technician


  • The Advantages of ISS Solutions' Clinical Engineering Services

  • Dan Lauffer, Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Health System

  • Deb Templeton, Chief, Care Support Services, Geisinger

  • Sue Hallick, EVP & Chief Nursing Officer, Geisinger

  • Jamal Khan, CEO, Globalserve

  • OKI Data


  • Peter Brooks, President & CEO - Celebrating 25 Years of Geisinger Ownership

  • Tony Faralli, Director of Human Resources

  • Frank Rubino, VP, Clinical Engineering, Non-Geisinger Clients

  • Barbara Maguire, VP, Quality and Geisinger Clinical Engineering

  • Michael Jones, CFO & VP of Support Services

  • Peter Brooks, President & CEO - Mission, Vision & Values

  • Peter Brooks, President & CEO - Paradigm Technology Consulting