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If we could show you how to be more effective and efficient while reducing costs, would you be interested? With ISS Solutions' managed print services (MPS), our goal is to partner with your company to reduce costs, increase productivity, free up resources, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Most companies do not know the true cost associated with printing. Research by Photizo revealed that on average, the printing cost per employee is over $725 per year. This cost only recognizes “out of pocket” printing expenses not paper, end-user productivity, and IT support costs.

Increase Productivity while Reducing Costs & Carbon Footprint


Objective: Control Current Printing Fleet

  • Learn “true cost” of printing
  • Assess printing fleet
  • Gain employee support


Objective: Optimize the Fleet

  • Right size the fleet
  • Reduce carbon footprint


Objective: Enhance Business Processes

  • Industry consultants to analyze business processes
  • Automate documentation


With our free printing assessment, we will be able to analyze key metrics about your hardcopy fleet, including employee-to-print device ratio. After your free assessment, ISS Solutions will work with you to develop a printing management initiative.

ISS Solutions' MPS program offers you control of your hardcopy fleet, allowing you to truly understand the costs associated with printing (you can’t control what you are not aware of). Quarterly assessments will allow us to identify areas for improvement to optimize your hardcopy fleet.

A secondary in-depth assessment can be conducted to aid in rightsizing your hardcopy fleet. Our next phase takes it a step further, bringing in our market-specific consultants to identify areas to enhance your business process and allow for automated documentation.

Managed Print Service Features

  • Reliability: ISS Solutions has been in business for over 45 years and has developed strong relationships with our partners. We have technicians certified to work on most OEM devices. As an independent service provider, ISS Solutions can help customers get the most out of the equipment they already own and avoid the upheaval associated with large-scale equipment swap outs. With our MPS partnership, we will have a variety of options available to allow you to chose what works best for your company.
  • Reduce Capital and Operational Expenses: ISS Solutions’ MPS program offers investment plans that allow you to recognize and budget for actual printing costs.
  • Smart Alerts and Auto Supply Fulfillment: With our smart printer management software, e-mail alerts will be sent from your devices to our team, allowing us to take a proactive approach to keep your hardcopy fleet running smoothly. These alerts will allow us to provide just-in-time toner replacement. You will never have to worry again about purchasing, stocking, or delegating employee time to toner fulfillment needs.
  • Reporting and Assessments: Easy to use, customized reporting allows you to analyze usage, identify areas for improvement, enhance workflow, and reduce costs.