Geisinger Health System Advances Patient Care through ISS Solutions’ IT Services


In today’s world, healthcare is inseparable from information technology. From surgical equipment to electronic health records to computer workstations, Geisinger Health System relies on computers, networks, and related devices to fulfill their commitment to quality patient care.

To provide the top-notch care that the patients in Geisinger Health System deserve and require, Geisinger Health System has collaborated with ISS Solutions’ IT team since 1992. ISS Solutions performs behind-the-scenes IT services that provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver outstanding patient care. “Every few years, we go out to the market and consider other options, but ISS Solutions has proven to be a great combination of outstanding service and reasonable cost,” says Frank Richards, Geisinger Health System’s Chief Information Officer. “ISS Solutions provides quick, comprehensive service. Our end-users know and trust their familiar faces.”

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