Since equipment downtime may adversely impact patient care and compromise equipment-related revenue, biomedical equipment needs to be repaired quickly and correctly on the first service call. Incorrectly functioning equipment can pose a significant risk to both the patient and the medical staff operating it.

Further, because of the critical, often life-support nature of biomedical equipment, it is subject to government and other regulations. Performance must be validated periodically to maintain its integrity and conform to The Joint Commission and DOH regulations.

With over 20 years of experience in the biomedical equipment services business, ISS Solutions meets or exceeds the demanding requirements of our healthcare clients. Our certified technicians customize service and preventive maintenance to each client’s specific needs. Depending on the specific biomedical equipment an organization owns, ISS Solutions develops a maintenance program that consists of on-call support or on-site biomedical technicians, engineers, or consultants.

Biomedical Equipment—Our Specialty

Certified ISS Solutions biomedical personnel are skilled at performing risk assessments of equipment inventories. They identify and adjust maintenance levels to meet the specific needs of each client. We focus on biomedical equipment, our specialty, and we have the experience and integrity necessary to meet your biomedical equipment needs.

While the response and convenience of in-house staff is attractive, recruiting, training, equipping, and retaining a qualified in-house staff is difficult and expensive. ISS Solutions biomedical personnel are integral members of their clients’ healthcare teams. ISS Solutions participates in client Environment of Care, Project Planning, Performance Improvement (Quality Assurance), and other teams as necessary, to assist clients in meeting regulatory and quality goals.

Today’s healthcare organizations have a broad spectrum of equipment, frequently purchased from numerous manufacturers. To have the manufacturer provide these inspections and repair functions is often expensive, and their services may not be readily available. ISS Solutions offers one comprehensive program for all equipment.

ISS Solutions program results in:

  • Lower overall service costs
  • Properly validated and inspected equipment that is fully compliant with agency regulations
  • Less equipment downtime due to prompt service by highly trained and certified technicians
  • A strong healthcare team in which ISS Solutions technicians participate as full members

Client Assistance

A fast-growing regional medical center has been an ISS Solutions client for over 15 years. Recent business challenges required that management consider many options for medical equipment maintenance and repair. The V.P. of Support Services said: “We haven’t found a more reliable, cost effective source for our equipment servicing needs than ISS Solutions.”

Another client is a small rural hospital with minimally staffed Materials Management and Maintenance departments. ISS Solutions now maintains most of their biomedical equipment and administers their maintenance contracts. In some cases, ISS Solutions was able to re-negotiate contracts and consolidate them into one program. Patient care managers, who previously weren’t sure who to call with an equipment-related problem, now have only one number to call, ISS Solutions.