ISS AssetManager is a powerful enterprise software system that captures key data on over 130,000 ISS Solutions-managed clinical technology devices. The software allows ISS Solutions to track an asset’s make, model, serial number, location, and maintenance history, and includes key information about coverage levels, warranty status and compliance with regulatory requirements. With ISS AssetManager, ISS Solutions maintains the integrity of our clients’ data by defining security levels and provides instant access to service request and asset status information. ISS AssetManager uses a proprietary database schema to ensure consistency of device nomenclature. We regularly audit our clients’ data to ensure it is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Maintaining an accurate inventory helps clinical technology service groups ensure all equipment placed into use in the patient care setting is safe. Accurate location information helps us locate equipment efficiently when it is due for preventive maintenance (PM) inspections. Our ISS AssetManager-programmed PM scheduling procedure is based on a risk assessment that takes into consideration the manufacturer recommendation as well as maintenance histories across our 200+ client facilities. Multiple triggers and reports assure scheduling completion compliance.


ISS AssetManager is also core to documenting maintenance history on all devices, including labor time worked, parts used and updates performed. It allows response time and downtime tracking for assets, which is useful in targeting areas for improvement. An accurate, current inventory allows ISS Solutions to respond thoroughly to recalls and hazard alerts. The information within ISS AssetManager allows ISS Solutions to quickly and reliably identify assets affected by recalls as well as comprehensively document corrective actions taken.

The insight provided by ISS AssetManager's data allows our managers to efficiently balance the workload and adjust resources, based upon maintenance histories or projected PM workload. The data collected within ISS AssetManager has also been instrumental in supporting cases of equipment issues on behalf of clients, advocating for them to receive replacement parts, equipment or warranty extensions from manufacturers.

To ensure reliability, ISS AssetManager is housed on an offsite server which has power, connection and hardware redundancy to provide reliable, secure access to our data. We also back up our data to a redundant server in a separate geographic location to ensure seamless operation in the unlikely case of a problem in our hosted environment.

ISS Solutions has developed extensive expertise to create dynamic, custom reports to support many areas of our business. We review trending data on repair histories encompassing tens of thousands of service events annually to identify potential equipment issues and to tailor our PM program to identify and correct issues before they result in downtime or unsafe conditions.