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We are rebranding all of our IT Solutions under the Paradigm Technology Consulting brand.

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Today’s businesses need fully configured servers, desktops, and mobile computer systems that operate efficiently and effectively within their unique environments. Due to the complexity of purchasing these systems, businesses often seek reliable third-party providers to deliver a procurement solution that is seamless, within their operating environment, and within their budget.

ISS Solutions can simplify the complexity of product acquisition, configuration, and deployment and act as a single source for hardware and software needs.

  • Complete situation analysis – We will evaluate your current and future technology requirements, infrastructure costs, hardware or software platforms, performance requirements, and budgetary needs.
  • Cost-effective solutions – Our experienced team will analyze your current environment and design cost-effective solutions to minimize the total cost of ownership of these assets during their lifetime.
  • Easy order and delivery – Through our network of vendors, distributors, and suppliers, Paradigm Technology Consulting provides access to a large selection of products at competitive prices. In most circumstances, we can offer next-day delivery anywhere in the United States.

Web-Based Product Catalog

Consider our web-based product catalog that allows you to compare products, configure systems, and place orders – all online, securely, 24 hours a day!

You will have access to real-time pricing and availability information for nearly 2 million products from industry leaders such as HPE, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware. You can make educated decisions without filling out a single piece of paper or picking up the phone. The system lets you customize product listings based on your needs and compare feature by feature.


ISS Solutions uses its leverage as one of the largest national resellers for distributed technology products to deliver reliable, quality procurement services for any environment.

We offer a full line of asset management services and technical support programs to ensure your investment in these technical assets is optimized. Services include: deployment and installation, inspection and maintenance, repair and reconfiguration, as well as disposal service that conforms to OSHA standards.