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Network Design, Installation, and Support Services

Network communication dominates business computing. ISS Solutions engineers are experts at improving the speed, quality, and productivity of business networks. We provide network monitoring and management as well as LAN/WAN administration and troubleshooting. Our expertise ranges from simple resource sharing to sophisticated integration of voice, data, and imaging technology as well as enterprise client/server systems.

We employ certified engineers who have expertise in cabling system design, LAN/WAN and WIFI architecture, bridging/routing/switching systems, network management, and network security. Our engineers are trained and certified by industry leaders, such as Cisco and Novell, and provide the complete spectrum of network support services to optimize availability and productivity of your employees.

ISS Solutions also designs high-level networks. We assist in the selection and procurement of any new required products, perform the installation, set up the system, and execute crucial data transfer to achieve a seamless transition to a new network. We provide detailed documentation to ensure a smooth project rollout. We get your company’s computer networking system running quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

ISS Solutions specialties include:

  • Network design, implementation, and management
  • 24x7x365 support services
  • Nationwide support services
  • Hardware, NOS, and application upgrades
  • Email administration
  • Anti-virus administration and virus remediation
  • High availability systems (NAS, SAN, Clustering, etc.)
  • Connectivity to mid-range and mainframe environments
  • Security
  • Thin Client (Citrix, Netilla, etc.)
  • Voice/data/video solutions
  • NOS support (Linux, Novell, Microsoft)
  • Internet/Intranet design, installation, and support
  • Wireless solutions