Organizations are increasingly considering Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as an attractive alternative to traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). VoIP technology is a strategically proven business solution that provides both cost savings and increased productivity. With VOIP, organizations leverage a single IP network to support both data and voice.

However, deploying VoIP is not easy. ISS Solutions brings a wealth of knowledge and over 30 years of technology management experience to clients who decide to convert to VoIP. ISS Solutions is aware of the potential issues that go along with deploying a converged network and works with clients to list and provide all functionality required from the network.

ISS Solutions provides a turnkey VoIP solution, including product procurement, maintenance, and 24x7 critical coverage. ISS Solutions has a broad base of support services, proven customer satisfaction history, and in-house expertise.

The pace of integration between traditional voice and data networks (convergence) continues to increase as businesses recognize the competitive advantages that VoIP offers:

  • Reduce costs by using a single network for both data and voice services. In addition to being less expensive to purchase and operate, a single network lowers telecommunications carrier costs.
  • Easily add, change, or remove phones on the network without the special expertise required with traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or Centrex systems.
  • Centrally configure and manage business rules to ensure consistent user experience across the network.
  • Implement and deploy new applications from multiple vendors to each phone from a single point of administration.